SDS Imports is a premier firearms importer based in Knoxville, TN that began operations in 2017. The founding partners of SDS Imports have decades of combined experience in importation, manufacturing, and engineering from various industries from firearms to large scale distribution. This allows SDS Imports to work closely with their partners around the globe ensuring a successful entry to the US market. We offer our technical staff to various manufacturers to assist with engineering initiatives, compliance expertise and marketing efforts that bolster the success of our industry partners as they navigate the diverse US firearms market. Our strong relationships within the industry afford new brands the opportunity enter established sales and distribution channels, reach new customers with targeting marketing, and offer unparalleled customer support.




SDS Imports is committed to providing high-quality firearms and accessories to gun enthusiasts across the US. We strive to ensure the success of our import partners by offering unparalleled technical and logistical support.


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