17th Nov 2023

Shooting Illustrated - Review: Tisas Raider B45RDG Pistol

"Earlier this year, the Turkish gun company Tisas released their own homage version of the iconic Colt M45A1 1911 pistol. Tisas calls their version the Raider, in reference to the USMC Raiders, one of the specialized units which carried the M45A1. The Tisas Raider not only commemorates the Marine’s last service handgun, but also because this Turkish-produced 1911 is an honest-to-goodness, properly set-up fighting 1911 with a real-world average retail price of $630. This means that shooters have access to an affordable single-stack .45 ACP pistol with a neat backstory and a feature set typically seen on handguns with double the price tag of this gun. Genuine decommissioned Colt M45A1s (easily identifiable by the crossed-out markings on their slides) are highly collectible, and Colt is no longer offering the commercial versions for sale."

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