Shooting Illustrated - Military Armament Corporation MAC-2 Tactical!

Posted by Admin on 23rd Aug 2023

Shooting Illustrated - Military Armament Corporation MAC-2 Tactical!

"The patents on many common firearms are starting to expire, and so the word “clone” pops up a fair amount in the gun world these days. The word “clone,” however, implies that the newer version is pretty much indistinguishable from the original, but the fact of the matter is, most guns considered to be “clones' ' have tweaks and improvements over the original version. No one would consider, say, an LWRC IC-SPR to be a “Colt Sporter'' clone, and it’s a fool’s errand comparing a Nighthawk 1911 to the original 1911 model which won the army contract lo these many years ago.

Because of this, the first thing that enters many people’s minds when they look at firearms like the MAC 2 Tactical Wood shotgun from Military Armaments Corporation is that “It’s a Benelli clone.” While the MAC 2 may have the same internals as a Benelli gun, I don’t think it’s fair to call it a clone.

The first, and most obvious difference between the MAC 2 Tactical Wood and its Benelli forerunner is the furniture on the gun. The stock and forend on a Benelli gun is no-nonsense polymer, as befits a gun with a military heritage. The MAC 2 Tactical Wood, however, is adorned with gorgeous Turkish walnut that sets it apart from other scatterguns using the same operating system."

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