Tisas PX-9 Carry Break Down and Overview.

Posted by Jahred G. on 22nd Feb 2024

Tisas PX-9 Carry Break Down and Overview.

The PX-9 Carry from Tisas USA is here and let’s look at how it compares to its larger counterpart and some of features of this new compact offering.

Most notably is its size compared to the PX-9 GEN3 line of pistols and below we’ll look at it side by to both the Duty and Tactical Threaded models.

PX-9 Tactical Threaded vs. PX-9 Carry

PX-9 Duty vs. PX-9 Carry

On the scale you can see the PX-9 Carry comes in at 1.395lbs unloaded without a magazine compared to the other models in this side-by-side comparison.

Keeping with tradition the PX-9 Carry is built around a readily available magazine in the Sig P228 pattern that offers a 15rd. flush fit and 17rd. extended option.

15rd. Flush Fit. 

17rd. Extended.


Here is a comparison vs. the 18rd. and 20rd. version of the P226 the PX-9 GEN3 uses.

A neat feature is the compatibility of larger mags of the full-size PX-9 GEN3 fit easily into the smaller PX-9 Carry model offering even more capacity if needed.

Holsters designed for the PX-9 GEN3 are also suitable options for the newer, yet smaller PX-9 Carry, and several options are available from various makers in the industry.

Our OEM BRT Tactical Kydex IWB holsters are available at SDSImports.com and come in several colors with adjustable retention.




Rob Leahy of Simply Rugged Holster handcrafts his PX-9 offering from durable leather and customizes each one for a unique look and style.

Comp-Tac also offers custom molded and branded holsters in several configurations for the PX-9 Carry model and we stock those at SDSImports.com as well.



The PX-9 Carry is built with all the same features that made the PX-9 GEN3 such a hit that include:

RMR Style Optics Cut

Glock Pattern Sights

Flat Face Tactical Trigger w/ Integrated Safety.

Interchangeable Side Panels and Backstraps for unrivaled customization of the grip.

P228 Pattern Magazines.

Removable Extended and Flared Magazine Well.


For 2024 the PX-9 Carry is offered in 3 models to suit any shooters budget or desired features that include optics ready models with or without manual thumb-safety or the simplified irons only model for those that prefer a traditional look and feel.

L-R: PX-9 Carry IOPX-9 Carry ORPX-9 Carry OR-TS